“I cannot imagine our business without ArtBase. Given the demands put on a gallery in today’s busy art market, ArtBase allows us to function more effectively than ever before. It has continually kept up with IT developments of the time, and there is no more reliable or supportive system to complement our work as leaders in the field.”

- Adam Sheffer, Partner & Sales Director, Cheim & Read, President of the ADAA

"ArtBase is an indispensable tool for managing and facilitating growth in artist studios and galleries, and essential for keeping up with the breakneck pace of the art world. I’ve had ArtBase installed at three different high-profile organizations since 2000 with great results, and all three still rely on ArtBase to run their businesses. There is no comparable program that has the functionality and tech support that comes even close to what ArtBase offers."

- Amy Baumann, Laura Owens Studio

“The question is not what ArtBase can do, but what does it not do. Well, it does not make coffee, does not lick stamps, and does not frame. Other than that, every single job that needs to be tackled by my gallery is accomplished by ArtBase’s programs, with perfection. Without ArtBase I would have to add 15 more people to my staff to do the job that ArtBase does in 1/100,000 of the time, and with more accuracy. My gallery has used ArtBase since its inception so my testament is based on years of daily use.”

- Barbara Krakow, Owner, Barbara Krakow Gallery

I can’t speak highly enough about ArtBase. The program is wonderful and keeps getting better. The people are the greatest, always there to answer any little question I have. I’ve worked with and seen the other programs and know that ArtBase is the only game in town. I recommend it to everyone.”

- Patricia Tompkins, Director, James Goodman Gallery New York

“There was almost no learning curve. From scanning and printing images to tracking thousands of painting, sculpture, photography and edition records, ArtBase has everything we need to work efficiently. I think ArtBase is great.

- Paula Cooper Gallery

I am so happy with ArtBase – it is everything I was hoping for and more. I have been using it to make offers, create gorgeous consignment agreements and am really looking forward to having all works complete and in the system. It is truly a masterpiece. Thank you so much for everything. I am looking forward to being a lifetime ArtBase customer.”

- Layne Pecoff, Owner, Pecoff Gallery

ArtBase has the ability and flexibility to manage all aspects of being in the art business. …Artwork specificity, exhibition history, correspondence, loans, sales, financial history, fact sheets, catalogue raisonne tracking data – all navigating with ease and fluidity. ArtBase is the industry standard..the gold standard.”

- Wendy Snyder, Director, The Sam Glankoff Collection, LLC

Our studio has been using ArtBase since 1999. With an artist as prolific as William Wegman (32,000 records and counting!) it is vital for us to have a reliable, fast, and powerful database. We have used ArtBase’s many features for a wide range of projects, from preparing works for long term storage, to tracking photographs through the production process, to planning exhibitions, and much more. ArtBase’s intuitive interface makes it easy for our staff to use, and for our interns to get a handle on quickly.”

- William Wegman Studio

“At the Cartoon Bank we, of course, use lots of different software, but ArtBase is the only program we couldn’t do without. ArtBase is an amazing program.

- Robert Mankoff, President, The Cartoon Bank; Cartoon Editor, The New Yorker Magazine

"I just wanted to take a moment and let you know how happy we are with the upgrade to ArtBase. The new version is amazing and I especially appreciate the tutorial videos that are so clear and helpful! Most of all, I wanted to express my gratitude to your amazing team! Joan and Sam were so helpful walking us through the steps and making sure that everything was perfect for us. Joan is a true magician! She has helped us work out some special customizations that we had and find workarounds for some habits that we developed in the old version. Also, Kate has been so patient and helpful running through every add on scenario and option with us. It is a sincere pleasure working with all of you and I thank you for always being there to help and advise us. We have a somewhat tricky set up with global offices and remote users and your team is always finding the perfect solution to keeping us up to date and running. I am so happy that I found ArtBase at the NY art fair 10+ years ago! I can’t believe it has been that long, but I truly struck gold that day. Thank you!!!"

-Tasha, Private Collection