ArtBase 11 Features

Following is a comprehensive list of all features available in ArtBase 11. You may also want to view our summary overview of ArtBase Features.

Complete Inventory & Contact Management

ArtBase manages the hundreds of pieces of detailed information for every item you sell or collect, and for every person you do business with. At a click, ArtBase turns that information into every type of document you need — letters and email; consignments and invoices; labels and shipping forms; lists, labels, reports, and fact sheets. Everything you need to run your art business is easy to access, display, and share.

The business of art runs on ArtBase (for 23 years and counting…)

By design and reputation, ArtBase is the best. That’s why ArtBase has replaced competitors’ software at hundreds of businesses, collections, and artist studios. Dealers, collectors and artists switch to ArtBase because ArtBase is easy, user-friendly, and intuitive — and because our customer service is second to none. ArtBase is so simple and easy to use, any art business can be up and running in less than a day.

Compatible with Windows & Mac

ArtBase is the only program of its kind to work on Macintosh, Windows, iPads and iPhones, even mixed networks, all in native mode. ArtBase runs on the computers and devices you want to use, in any combination, from anywhere in the world.

Ready to Go, On the Go

Use ArtBase on your iPhone or iPad to reference contacts, correspondence, images and other data anytime, anywhere. Perfect for art fairs and working on the go, ArtBase puts all your images and information literally at your fingertips.

Dazzling Images to Show & to Share - Now With Easy Drag and Drop Image Importing!

Whenever an image is needed — a thumbnail, a JPEG for your website or email, or a high-quality printable version — ArtBase has it ready to go. ArtBase gives you unlimited control over how you share and present images for print, web, PDFs, and email.

Integrated Correspondence

Send email messages right from ArtBase: attach images and PDF files from your Inventory; attach press packages, invoices, consignments, lists, or reports of any kind. ArtBase works with your favorite email applications — Outlook, Mail, Gmail and more.

Foolproof Invoicing, Forms and Lists

Generate invoices, consignment and loan forms, receipts and returns, catalogs and lists with just a few clicks. Everything you do is tracked and recorded with reference to the Inventory and Contacts involved. ArtBase turns your day-to-day business activity into an organized, searchable, cross-referenced treasure trove of information — a powerful resource for your business.

Attach Documents

ArtBase lets you attach any kind of document — images, MS Word or Excel files, videos, PDFs — to ArtBase records. Attach a copy of a signed contract to a client’s record or an appraisal to an artwork’s record. Attach press pieces, artist statements and bios to artwork records to create and share “Press Packages” — it’s easy with ArtBase.

Lightning-fast Lists

Whether you want a list of owned Inventory, a front desk list with images, or a list of Contacts in Paris for your trip to FIAC, it’s as simple as typing one or two words and clicking one or two buttons. ArtBase saves every list you make and gives you dozens of options for how it will print.


Easily and quickly email any three of your favorite shippers to request shipping quotes. They’ll receive all the information about your artworks and destination needed to create your quote and then you can track the Shipping Quotes once you receive them.  ArtBase tracks information on Packing, Customs Info, Pick-Up/Drop-Off Dates and allows you to easily print a shipping form to travel with your package.

Instant Invoicing

Just select the item(s) and choose “Invoice.” ArtBase automatically updates each item and Contact record. Easily select sales tax counties/rates, enter discounts, and add additional shipping or framing costs. ArtBase monitors all of your accounts receivable and payable. You can even make Invoices for things that aren’t in your Inventory, such as shipping, framing, or consulting time.

Universal Reporting

ArtBase allows you to generate Inventory Reports based on any search criteria: “What did I buy last year?” “How many prints by each artist do I have in storage?” or “How many items did we send to Miami last year?” If you can think of it, ArtBase can report on it. ArtBase also allows you to generate Accounting Reports to monitor sales and payables, profit and sales tax. ArtBase even has pie charts and bar charts to show you your best selling artist or your best client. Export any of this data to Excel for even greater report flexibility.

QuickBooks Integration

Transfer all invoices, accounts payable/receivable, bill payment and tax information into QuickBooks from ArtBase. (Compatible with QuickBooks for Windows only [see Requirements]. Additional fees apply.)

The Right Look for You

From layouts and styles to languages and currencies, make ArtBase your own with easy-to-use self-customizing features. New user-definable field names let you control how ArtBase presents your information. Stylish background options let you control how ArtBase looks for a more custom-tailored ArtBase experience.

Website Integration

With ArtBase, you are not locked in to using limited websites sold by your software’s manufacturer or affiliate. You can integrate ArtBase with any website, designed by anyone. ArtBase Inventory data can be uploaded to and integrated with any database-driven site.

Free & Flexible Data Exchange

Not only will we transfer your current data into ArtBase for free*, you can import your own spreadsheets and other text/data files into ArtBase — it’s easy! You can also exchange data and images with artists and other dealers who use ArtBase.


ArtBase is a secure program that allows you to designate unlimited multiple user accounts with read/write access for any files, layouts or even individual fields. So, for example, you can allow general staff to access/edit everything, but lock down unchangeable things (like inventory number, artist and title), and set your intern’s access to “read only” with no access to sensitive financials.

Foreign Currencies

You can set your “Primary Currency” to anything you like. You can view prices and costs in 4 main currencies in your Inventory at all times and easily convert prices to those currencies. You can invoice and make consignments/loan forms or artist/consignor statements in any currency. You can track fabrication costs in other currencies. You can even print Accounting Reports using the currencies of your choice.

Unparalleled Training & Support

ArtBase customer support is just like ArtBase software — the best there is. ArtBase 11 comes with free personalized training and unlimited use of our online tutorials and support materials. ArtBase support staff is always there, and always happy to help.

* Free data transfer includes one inventory and one contacts data transfer, pending approval by ArtBase, Inc.


New Features Introduced in ArtBase 11


  • Better performance over WAN – this translates to faster speeds when working from other locations
  • Configurable performance options for each user – you can decide if you want to see more information at once when you’re in the office or, if you are travelling, have faster speeds and see a little less in one screen (for example, Images in the Table View, etc.)
  • Client-configurable user accounts and passwords – choose from many access levels. We no longer charge to set up standard access levels.  Now, you can do it yourself – a BIG time and cost saver!
  • Refreshed, updated interface – more integrated controls and data entry tools than ever! 

Images & Documents

  • Drag-and-drop image and document import – so easy!
  • Better image management including manual reordering of secondary images, link multiple images to Sales Package to be automatically included in Offer Emails, select which images to include, and choose whether to link each image to  an individual work or to the whole edition.
  • Each document can link to an individual work or to the whole edition
  • Improved image, tear-sheet, and contact sheet printing with more options and layouts to choose from


  • Option to turn on new features for the Interest field: Interest area can now link to Artist, Category or Genre; and find all Inventory records that match a Contact’s Interests with the click of the mouse
  • View each Contact’s secondary Addresses, Emails and Phone Numbers without leaving the newly designed Contact Table View
  • Quick Note feature on Activity tab allows user to add a note to any activity
  • Preview on Activity tab for sneaking a peek at the contents of Correspondence and Invoices without leaving Contacts

Shipping & Forms

  • Easily and quickly email any three of your favorite shippers to request shipping quotes. They’ll receive all the information about your artworks and destination needed to create your quote
  • More in depth Shipping documentation including Packing, Customs Info, Requested Pick-Up/Drop-Off Dates
  • Track Shipping Quotes once you receive them


  • Improved, streamlined design
  • Unlimited status colors to choose from in Settings
  • New options for the Artwork Date field allow a quick-click Circa option and Cast/Print Date
  • Improved Dimensions entry
  • Expanded Condition Reports features
  • Newly designed Inventory Table View with advanced sorting and quick Image preview
  • Added Flexibility in Inventory Reports including simpler interface, integrated Location column, cleaner report formats that allow for more records per page, plus easy “5 best artists” and “5 best clients” charts.

Fact Sheet

  • Every fact sheet area – provenance, literature, exhibition, other – is broken into individual entries that can be ordered within that particular section
  • Each fact sheet entry can easily be assigned to an individual work or the whole edition
  • Provenance entries can be linked to a Contact record
  • Exhibition entries can be linked to a List/Exhibition record


  • Faster searching of Invoice information from the Inventory Sales Info tab
  • Invoice records can be locked to prevent changes – your bookkeeper will love you!
  • Newly designed Accounting reports: top clients, sales person or top selling artists
  • Sort and subtotal any Accounting report by Artist, Client, Art Fair, Salesperson, or Sales Tax County
  • Select to include Art Fair or Salesperson on any report
  • New, cleaner report formats allow for more records per page

Audit Log — Premium Add-On Service

(additional fee, FileMaker Server required)

This one’s a game changer. The Audit Log gives you the power to know your data better than ever before. Never wonder about when an ArtBase record was created, modified, or deleted – or by whom. The Audit Log provides you with an unprecedented level of scrutiny and security for your data.

Logs all user changes within the system including:

  • Data entry field changes
  • Record deletions
  • Record imports
  • Bulk changes


Just Plain Cool

Unlimited Addresses

Maintain unlimited addresses for a single Contact record.

Merge Records

Merge records and move activities between contacts – great for managing multiple contacts at a single business.

Add Images

Add an image to any document.


Artist and Consignor Statements can be generated to easily pay and track your payables.

Partners & Commissions

Record and track unlimited partners/commissions/payables for any artwork.

Source & Request

Source & Request features simplify sales tracking by allowing you to monitor works offered and requested. Reports aid in matching people with the art they want.

ArtBase Anywhere

Use ArtBase from anywhere. ArtBase can support any number of users across a LAN or across the internet. Use ArtBase from multiple locations, from home, a storage space, or an art fair — all as if you were in the same office.


A dedicated Library file lets you catalog and track your Catalogues Raisonné, artist bios, museum catalogs, reference books, auction catalogs and all related materials by category, subject, author, publisher, value, etc. This feature of ArtBase allows you to search your library without leaving your desk and simplifies research by generating lists and reports. You can even sell and invoice books and catalogues.


Intuitive and accurate autofill functions make searching, data entry, and paperwork a breeze.

Client View

Client View allows you to work in ArtBase with your clients by hiding private and sensitive information.

Bar Codes

Bar-Code/QR Code Integrating bar-code and QR code technology allows you to track and monitor Inventory — and eliminate data entry — with a wand, laser bar-code reader or your mobile phone. (Additional fees apply.)

Quick Find

Advanced Search Capabilities. Searching has never been easier: Quick Find lets you search across all records — just start typing!