ArtBase Go: SalesBook

The showcase of our ArtBase Go mobile apps, SalesBook is all about presentation. SalesBook lets you present, display, and share your Inventory on your iPad or iPhone while working with clients at every step of the sales process. SalesBook syncs effortlessly with your ArtBase software whether you’re online or off. Present your information and images beautifully, create and send offers and emails professionally, manage contacts simply and easily — all on the go! SalesBook lets you bring your entire art inventory on every business trip and to every fair.

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ArtBase Go: Live

Use ArtBase on your iPad or iPhone from wherever you are — like you’re in the office. ArtBase Go: Live gives you full, realtime — live — access to your Inventory and Contacts information. Make offers, create invoices, make live changes securely over the Internet.

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ArtBase Go: Info

Use this app for looking up detailed information while on the go, when you don’t have access to WiFi. ArtBase Go: Info allows you to download any selected group of Inventory and Contact information onto your iPad or iPhone. ArtBase Go: Info is the perfect reference tool for when you’re off the grid, but need to feel plugged-in. Think of it as a hard copy of ArtBase for your phone or tablet.

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Use All Three Apps

The ArtBase Go suite of mobile apps were designed to work together. Need stylish presentation tools for art fairs? Use SalesBook. Need realtime access to ArtBase on your iPad? Use Live. Need to access client info on the subway? Use Info.


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