ArtBase 11

Software and Network Requirements

The ArtBase 11 software that runs on your in-house server/client network requires a unique license of FileMaker Pro 17 to be installed on every computer.

Networks of more than five concurrent users also require FileMaker Server 17.

The FileMaker platform is compatible with Windows and Mac computers. Networks may consist of Windows and Mac computers in any combination. Before purchasing FileMaker software, please carefully review the official system requirements.

For FileMaker Pro requirements and compatibility click here.

For FileMaker Server requirements and compatibility click here.

QuickBooks Integration Requirements

QuickBooks Integration requires QuickBooks Pro for Windows (Mac Version not supported by Intuit, Inc.). You may also run QuickBooks in a Windows emulator (e.g., Parallels) on your Mac. Additional fees apply for QuickBooks linking – ask ArtBase for pricing.

ArtBase Go Mobile Solutions

ArtBase Go Mobile Solutions for iPad or iPhone require FileMaker Go 16 or 17 (available free from the App Store.) Check App Store for iOS compatibility.

ArtBase Go Live and ArtBase Go Salesbook are only available with ArtBase Cloud Hosting or an in-house server installed with FileMaker Server 16 or 17 used in conjunction with a suitable remote network setup including high speed internet and static IP address (recommended) or VPN. If not on ArtBase Cloud Hosting, ArtBase Support is not responsible for your network or WAN setup and suggests hiring an IT professional to aid with installation.

AB Collector 11 and AB Artist 11

These single-user solutions now require FileMaker Pro 17. See requirements above.