25 Years of ArtBase

ArtBase (version 1.0) made its debut in 1993, when personal computers were a novelty in most workplaces, and almost unknown in galleries. Since then, ArtBase has grown through ten full versions, firmly committed to providing art businesses with the very best computer software using up-to-the-minute technology. Now, like computers in the workplace, ArtBase has become a cornerstone of the professional lives of gallerists, artists, registrars, curators, collectors, and artists the world over.

Our Mission

Our goal as a company is simple: to help art professionals get the most out of their businesses. Twenty-three years ago, that meant introducing powerful database capabilities and digital-imaging to novice computer users. Today, it means meeting the demands of a global marketplace that has technology woven into almost every aspect of doing business. With an unrivaled features list and a team of designers, programmers, and support technicians dedicated to excellence, it’s no wonder our client roster is a veritable who’s-who of the art world.