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We are delighted to share that we have recently merged with Artlogic. Click here to learn more about the merger, or speak to us today to find out how we can help your business.

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Go Local: Why You Should Support Local Art

We’re big proponents of checking out just about any gallery, but it’s always a worthwhile endeavor to make an effort to support local art galleries who in turn support local art and local communities in ways you might not be aware of. | Read more >


Marketing for Artists: Demystifying the Journey

Even the most talented, productive and disciplined artists struggle with art marketing, a process often rife with trial and error. While it’s almost always OK to try new things, we’ll help you with tried-and-true tips from art marketing pros. | Read more >


Why Atlanta Is Essential to the American Art Scene

Atlanta’s art culture is an explosion of ingrained history, contemporary political discourse, vital discussions of race, and blossoming cultural industries. See why Atlanta is “the sprawling hub of the evolving modern South." | Read more >


From Underground to Iconic—10 Essential Global Galleries

Whether viewed virtually or in-person, these international art galleries are as affecting as they are mind-bending, as iconic as they are up-and-coming. And from Mexico City to Tasmania, they’re accessible to just about anyone. | Read more >


Interviews with Experts: Barbara Krakow and Andrew Witkin, Krakow Witkin Gallery

Barbara Krakow and Andrew Witkin jointly run the Krakow Witkin Gallery, a contemporary art space in Boston with a rare no-haggle pricing model. The duo eschews business titles in favor of a collaborative working environment. | Read more >


Interviews with Experts: Stacy Tenenbaum Stark, Foundation for Contemporary Arts

Stacy Tenenbaum Stark is Executive Director at the Foundation for Contemporary Arts, an organization created by artists Jasper Johns and John Cage. ArtBase sat down with Stacy to learn more about FCA, what she does, and the upcoming FCA Benefit Exhibition. | Read more >

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