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Interviews with Experts: Jason Burch, William Wegman Studio

Originally from Baltimore, Jason Burch didn’t always know he wanted to do art. For most of the past twenty-five years, he has been at the William Wegman studio, where he and Bill are currently at work on a large-scale mosaic installation for the MTA. | Read more >


Interviews with Experts: Katherine Chan, Miguel Abreu Gallery

As a young girl, in addition to loving all things French, Katherine Chan had become fascinated by museums. Now, still a Francophile, she can be found at the Miguel Abreu Gallery on the Lower East Side where she is a director and gallery manager. | Read more >


Interviews with Experts: Adam Mathias, ArtBase

Adam Mathias has been with ArtBase since 2002. In those days, he answered phones and helped clients learn the software onsite. Today he works mostly behind the scenes, managing databases and shepherding ArtBase through upgrades and design changes. | Read more >


Interviews with Experts: Patsy Tompkins, James Goodman Gallery

Patsy Tompkins came to New York in 1972 after working as a do-everything assistant for a fisherman in Wyoming, and found work at the James Goodman Gallery. Now the gallery’s director, she oversees four employees. | Read more >

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