Complete Inventory and Contact Management

ArtBase manages the hundreds of pieces of detailed information for every item you sell or collect, and for every person you do business with. At a click, ArtBase turns that information into every type of document you need — letters, emails, offers, consignments, invoices, labels, shipping forms, lists, reports, fact sheets, and more. From wall labels to website linking, everything you need to run your art business is easy to access, display, and share.

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Solutions For All Platforms & The Cloud

ArtBase is the only program of its kind to work on Macintosh, Windows, iPads and iPhones, even mixed networks, all in native mode. ArtBase runs on the computers and devices you want to use, in any combination, from anywhere in the world.

ArtBase CloudArtBase also offers cloud hosting to those who need location flexibility. Easily share information with your team in the cloud. New ArtBase Cloud Hosting provides secure, reliable access to your information from any location. You can now enjoy the many advanced features of ArtBase and the flexibility of a custom program on the cloud!

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ArtBase Go: Mobile Suite

The ArtBase Go suite of mobile apps are: SalesBook, Live, and Info. These tools work together with ArtBase and with each other on iPad and iPhone to make sure you have your information where and when you need it. SalesBook is the showcase of these mobile apps and focuses on presentation to make working with your clients, your information, and your images seamless at every step of the sales process.

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Documents and Forms

Generate invoices, consignment and loan forms, receipts and returns, catalogs and lists — with just a few clicks. ArtBase tracks, records, and cross­references everything you do. ArtBase turns your day-­to-­day business activity into an organized, searchable, cross­referenced treasure trove of information — a powerful resource for your business.

What's more, you can attach any kind of document — images, MS Word or Excel files, videos, PDFs — to ArtBase records. Attach a signed contract to a client's record or an appraisal to an artwork record. Attach reviews, artist statements, and bios to artwork records to create and share press kits — it's easy with ArtBase.

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Customizable by You

Make ArtBase your own. Set the look and feel of ArtBase with the Settings file. You can change fonts and color schemes, set default formatting, import your letterhead, select foreign currencies and exchange rates, and customize how ArtBase works for you.

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Unparalleled Training and Support

ArtBases's team of friendly support staff is always there when you need them and always happy to help. ArtBase comes with free personalized training. Online tutorials, FAQs, and support materials are always just a click away.

Need a little extra help? ArtBase staff is ready to jump in and assist. On the phone, over the internet, or in person, the ArtBase team is there for you. We can securely log on to your computer for "over-­the-­shoulder" support to show you how to do something or even do it for you.


Invoices, payables, and artist/consignor statements can be complicated. ArtBase makes them easy. Invoicing in foreign currencies? Need reports in multiple currencies? Line item and other discounts? Multi­-party splits? No problem. ArtBase makes even the most complex accounting simple. QuickBooks linking is available.

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Reports for Inventory and Accounting

ArtBase now has more reports to choose from, more flexibility in searching, and more — new and improved! — options than ever. ArtBase allows you to generate Inventory Reports based on any search criteria: “What's the value of my owned inventory?” “How many prints by each artist do I have in storage?” or “How many items did we send to Miami last year?” If you can think of it, ArtBase can report on it. ArtBase also generates Accounting Reports to monitor sales and payables, profit and sales tax. ArtBase even has pie charts and bar charts to show you your best-selling artists or your most active clients.

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